Topo Chico is Espresso’s Best Friend in Texas

Photos by Desiree Espada

Photos by Desiree Espada


As interest in specialty coffee continues its meteoric rise, so too has the number of shops opening in big cities and small towns around the world. Here in the United States, coffee bars have been experimenting for years with different ways to enhance their espresso service for their customers, or at the very least distinguish it from that of their newfound competition. From reclaimed wood trays that visually titillate to snifter glasses and champagne flutes that enhance the olfactory experience, more and more shops are implementing an approach that goes beyond the traditional demitasse-and-saucer-only preparation.

We know of coffee bars choosing to augment the café experience by pairing espresso with a rogues gallery of other imbibeables: hazelnut milk, carbonated black tea, all manner of macaroons and macarons, and even cappuccino and milk have been served alongside espresso in shops across the United States. What you pair with your espresso says as much about your coffee bar these days as the espresso itself.