Poppy @ Monster Energy Outbreak House

  • Monster Energy Outbreak House (map)
  • 213 W 5th St
  • Austin, Texas
  • USA

That Poppy’s world is a colorful one, filled with roller-skating, hair dye and the latest documentaries. She loves purple and Pop Rocks and often draws on J-Pop.

Her music exhibits a kind of dichotomy. Reggae-inspired beats, punky rock riffs and a candy-sweet pop sensibility infuse each of her tracks, co-existing in a wholly enigmatic manner. Her songs are irresistibly catchy, but cheeky lyrics add a depth and complexity rarely found in traditional pop songs. Lowlife showcases her dynamic vocal talent and offers mischievous lyrics like “you’re the highlight of my lowlife.” It’s both playful and powerful. Everybody Wants To Be Poppy, her self-proclaimed “theme song,” shows a clever sense of humor. “I’m just a princess with a pistol,” she sings, and it definitely rings true.

Wednesday, March 16
8:00PM - 8:25PM

Monster Energy Outbreak House
213 W 5th St