We're looking for brand ambassadors in several locations in the United States! We have IMMEDIATE openings available in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Have a look at the requirements to see if you are interested. If so, fill out the form on the on the bottom of the page and submit it to us.

Brand Ambassador Requirements

  • This is a contract position. 
  • In this position you will promote Topo Chico to individuals by attending public and non-public social gatherings. You will not sell Company products at any location, retail or service establishment. You will not sell Company products for resale. You will at all times present Company products in a truthful, sincere and honest manner, and will conduct yourself in a manner that reflects the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of the Topo Chico brand. 
  • You will identify, arrange partnership with, and attend a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of six (6) public and/or non-public social gatherings each month. You understand that events may be carried over for a 60 day period maximum.
  • You will need to be able to store 60 cases of product in a secure location; 
  • You will have to submit a recap of the event via a web form on the Topo Chico website three days after event;
  • You will agree to keep inventory by tracking product used for each event.
  • You agree not to resell any of the product used for the Brand Ambassador program.
  • You agree to take photos during the event for use by Topo Chico on its website and social media channels.
  • You agree to text photos to Topo Chico's social media team for promotional purposes during the event.
  • You agree to protect the Company’s trademark and trade name. 
  • As an independent contractor, you will be responsible for all self‐employment taxes, income taxes and other filings required by law, and you will not be covered by any State Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation Act. 
  • You agree to abide by all federal, state and local laws relating to the services performed in this position. 
  • You agree to  promote only Topo Chico products at various public and non-public social gatherings. 


The Company will pay Brand Ambassador $150 per public and/or non-public social gathering attended by Brand Ambassador where: (1) Brand Ambassador attends the social gathering and (2) promotes the Company product at the event by bringing and distributing five (5) cases of Company product to attendees. 

Brand ambassador must arrange and attend a minimum of four (4) events per month. Brand ambassador may arrange and attend up to six (6) events per month. 

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