Gail Simmons,  Top Chef

Gail Simmons, Top Chef

We recently caught up with Gail Simmons and wanted to know about her latest culinary obsession. While we were expecting for the “Top Chef” judge to wax poetic about some decadent dessert, we were surprised to hear her excitement about a sparkling mineral water from northern Mexico called Topo Chico.

“I had never heard of Topo Chico before I tried it and fell in love,” she told TODAY.com. Topo Chico is distributed all throughout Mexico and a majority of the United States, but is much more widely known in the Southwest. Though she hadn’t picked up a bottle while filming “Top Chef” in Texas last summer, Simmons discovered it while in Austin for the Food & Wine Festival recently. “All of a sudden, it’s all I want to drink!” she raved.

So just what is it that makes Topo Chico the champagne of water for Simmons? “It is so delicious and I think that is because it is the right balance of perfectly sized bubbles, a little bit salty and perhaps a little hint of citrus in the after taste,” she explained. “It is fresh and clean, but NOT at all the ‘fancy’ sparkling water that costs a fortune in restaurants. (And) it’s more refreshing than club soda.”

Backing her up, Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi also mentioned her love for the drink when she was demonstrating dessert techniques in Austin. “I’m bringing a case back (to New York),” she affirmed.

“I am plotting ways to have it shipped to New York City even though that is not so eco-friendly of me,” disclosed Simmons, who clearly isn’t a paid spokesperson for the company (or she’d have enough Topo Chico to bathe in). “I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I left…”

Simmons and other fans won’t have to plot too hard, as various purveyors offer nationwide delivery.

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ARTICLE By Veronica Meewes, TODAY contributor. Source: Today.com