When Austin’s scorched-earth season begins to stretch on endlessly, its overheated residents reach for the glass bottle with a yellow label on it. Topo Chico, a mineral water, flows freely at music festivals like South by Southwest, Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza and Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion, and is beloved by bands. BØRNSMichaelisDark Waves and Zella Day are just a few of the musicians who swear by the summer cooler. And seemingly every taco truck, bar and coffee shop in Austin proudly offers the drink, serving it straight up, shaken with spirits, or side-by-side with coffee.

But it’s when you talk to Austinites that their wild streak of Topo Chico fanaticism really shows itself.

Curtis Roush, a guitarist and vocalist with Austin-based band The Bright Light Social Hour, hates having to wait for his post-tour fizzy fix. “I will vote for whichever candidate, excluding Donald Trump, promises to put Topo Chico in every truck stop and convenience store in America,” Roush said. “My first Topo Chico after tour is like peace after wartime.”

Writer Megan Renart recently left Austin after a decade. “There’s nothing like a cold glass bottle of Topo Chico,” Renart said. “I’ve always said that Topo Chico, not blood, runs through my veins in the summer. It’s so incredibly refreshing and tasty in this strangely appealing, salty way. God, I miss it.”

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