An afternoon pick-me-up, something chuggable and sans calories, a paperweight that sits on your desk to distract people from how many Diet Cokes you’re actually drinking throughout the day—sparkling water is many things to many people.

But not all bubblies were created equal. Some are sharp and crisp and make you excited about life, and others are half-flat that leave you scraping the taste of potassium sulfate out of your mouth for hours (we’re looking at you, Schweppes!).

To crown the official winners and losers of the saturated fizz water market, we performed a side-by-side blind test of 11 different brands. Our esteemed judges, Thomas Harlander, Lesley Bargar Suter, Audie Metcalf Ruyle, Joshua Scherer, and myself, used a super scientific (but not actually) scoring system awarding points for taste, bubble quality, and aesthetics… because this is L.A., and even our water bottles are judged on their looks.


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