Photo: Meg Mulloy for AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Photo: Meg Mulloy for AMERICAN-STATESMAN

It's said that 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered in water. Texas' portion of that, give or take a Trinity and a Brazos, is probably mostly Topo Chico.

Any reader of the New York Times knows that the Grey Lady loves a trend piece, and now the paper has turned its eye to the fizzy fluid that's been quenching parched Texans for as long as anyone can remember.

Can you beat the Austin heat with Topo Chico alone?
"Bottles of Topo Chico are tabletop everywhere in Texas this time of year, including tatty taquerias in the Rio Grande Valley and reservations-only restaurants in Houston," the piece's author, Kate Murphy, writes. "The water is often the finishing fizz in cocktails at the hippest bars in Austin and the sidecar to espresso drinks at indie coffee shops in Dallas."

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