Detox, fasts, cleanses (I've been on one of these already and it wasn't my jam) often serve a purpose. Whether it's to springboard into a new healthy lifestyle or rid the system of impurities, cleanses are a thing. 

This past June, instead of dropping all white foods, limiting sugar or cutting out red meat for x amount of days, I went dry for just under two weeks. 

As food and nightlife editor, half of my gig is finding great drinking spots. Like any warm-blooded San Antonian, I'm a fan of margaritas (frozen at Sanchos during happy hour). Like any goofy millennial, I'm partial to craft cocktails (the more tinctures and tiki garnishes the better). Like any good Texan, I love Deep Eddy vodka (lemonade is bomb with Topo or a strawberry Jarrito, by the way). And like most Americans these days, I'm leaning more towards craft beer than big brewers (Freetail's Piñata Protest is a fave), but I'll literally never pass on a $2 tall boy. I still need to buy a Rosé All Day T-shirt (for when I'm feeling most basic). Oh, and I've been known to slam a daiquri or two at Stay Golden.

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