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New Logo and Packaging for Topo Chico by Interbrand

New Logo and Packaging for Topo Chico by Interbrand

(Via UnderConsideration.com) First sold in 1895, Topo Chico is a brand of sparkling mineral water sourced and bottled in Monterrey, Mexico. Sold only regionally in Northern Mexico through the 1980s, Topo Chico was introduced to all of Mexico in the early 1980s and exported to the U.S. in 1987. For some reason, Topo Chico is huge in Austin, TX — I had never heard of it before coming here. Now, the fizzy beverage is readying itself for even bigger expansion and has introduced a new logo and packaging designed by the Mexico City office of Interbrand.

I will be first to admit that snow on typography is one of the most endearing things in the world. You can put snow on Helvetica and I’ll like it. The old logo had a very authentic vernacular charm. You could picture it painted on the wall outside a cantina. Despite this pleasing patina, it’s not the most efficient of logos and not the best executions of snow on type, looking more like cupcake frosting. The new logo does a great job in evolving its essence by keeping the structure of the wordmark and refining all its characters and paying homage to the snow with a white highlight across the top. The new letterforms are pleasing maintaing the playfulness of the original while adding some visual maturity. The only issue is the “p”, that stands out like a sore thumb without any curlycue or proper connection to the letter before or after. Other than that, all the maneuvers on the harsh terminals combined with the toothpaste-y terminals on the other end (as in the “C”) are really nice.

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