Photos for use in Press, Social Media, & Collaborations. 

Please find below graphics and photos to use with your articles, social media posts, and event promotions.

1) Content-wise we leave it up to partner creators to post what makes sense for their audiences.

2) For graphics - all currently available media, graphics, logos can be found at https://www.topochicousa.net/photos - This page is updated on a regular basis with new graphics so revisit when you have a new article, post, or event to promote.

3) Please feature our brand hero - the glass 12oz bottle of Topo Chico over all other representations of the brand when possible.

4) We ask partner collaborators to tag us on all social media accounts with @TopoChicoUSA - we track the #TopoChico and #TopoChicoUSA hashtags (partners are free to use whichever makes sense to them).

5) Please don’t mention or refer to religious topics, politics, culturally controversial topics, man-made or natural disasters, world-conflicts, overtly sexual topics, foul language, or negative slang in any content related to Topo Chico Mineral Water.

6) If you want us to cross-post content on our social media, please text photos/videos to giovanni gallucci, our social media strategist 469-682-6978 or email them to giovanni@gallucci.net for consideration. Let him know what accounts to tag (including photo/video authors), calls to action, and what hashtags you prefer we use to promote your events. Please note that we may edit photos / videos where necessary to match our branding.


All videos on this page are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
All videos must be credited to Topo Chico and linked to http://topochicousa.net

Click on the image for the video you want to download and you will be able to download the full video to your desktop from DropBox. If you have any issues with downloading the video, contact us for assistance.