Gin & ‪‎Topo Chico‬ is part quality ingredients, part process. This recipe is perfect for scorching mid-days by a cold tenaja in the hill country, frigid nights in the dead of winter when the roads are iced over, before a BBQ, during a BBQ, after a BBQ, while reading McMurtry or Friedman, while listening to Joplin, Kristofferson, Eisley, Stevie Ray, or Willie. While thinking about the last job you quit, the job you’ll never quit or dreaming up some new world-changing venture. While in the driver’s seat, passenger’s seat or the bed of the pickup. It goes best with the love of your life or the one that’s gonna get away. With food or without. Morning, afternoon and/or night. In‪ Austin‬, ‪LA‬, South ‪Dallas‬, ‪Chicago‬, ‪Houston‬, or ‪Nashville‬.

The Glass: We’re simple people. We like a high ball, but any water glass will work just fine. However, a low ball glass is simply a waste of time. A frosted glass feels nice on the lips and will help the drink last longer.

The Ice: Fill the high ball to the brim with the largest, freshest, clearest ice cubes you can find. Ice cubes with soft rounded edges are nice. Sonic ice is amazing, but don't; let anyone see you use Sonic ice in this drink.

If you’re planning on sharing, make sure you have plenty on hand before you commence. Ice rationing is the leading cause “used to be” friends.

Now, gin & Topo is like a pot of chili. You should try a little of it yourself before you give anyone else a taste. With that said, there is no such thing as an undrinkable gin & Topo Chico, but there is such a thing as a perfect one.

The Gin: This is the easy part. We suggest ‪Dripping Springs‬ Artisan Gin because it’s from Texas, y’all. Dripping Springs Gin is crafted in small 40-gallon batches. It’s distilled from a combination of traditional and contemporary flavors: a juniper forward traditional London dry gin, with soft floral notes, spice and fresh citrus from the Texas Rio Grande Valley. Giddyup.

Of course, you can use whichever brand you’d like. If you’re from Texas, just remember I told you to use Dripping Springs Gin. Pour at least two ounces over the ice.

The Limes: Do not use lime wedges, bottled lime juice or a cordial. Use the freshest limes you can find. Roll them on a countertop. Cut them in half making a slice between the two ends. Using a juicing tool, juice about one lime for each drink you plan on having. Just like with the ice, make sure you’re well stocked. Add half an ounce of lime juice to the ice and gin.

The Topo Chico: Your glass should be about half filled with liquid by now (or half empty if you’re thinking about that one that got away). Fill the rest of the glass up with chilled Topo Chico Mineral Water. Depending on your glass size it should take almost half a bottle. Stir with anything long and thin. A skewer or chopstick will work. Or a thin knife. If you use a straw… don’t use a straw. Straws have no place in this particular cocktail. For heaven’s sake – we’re trying to look like adults here.

Do not under any circumstances add umbrellas, frozen fruit, cranberries, or anything else that a forest creature would consume to this drink. No frozen live juice, powdered mix of any kind, slush, or fruit juices or purées.