Via the Chicago Tribune

Makes: 8-10 servings

2 bottles still rosé
1 cup sliced stone fruit (peaches, cherries, apricots or nectarines, or a combination of your choosing)
1 cup sliced strawberries or other ripe berries, like raspberries
¼ cup elderflower liqueur, like St-Germain (optional)
1 bottle bubbly rosé
1 cup sparkling water or soda, like Topo Chico
10 mint leaves, plus extra for garnish

In a punch bowl, pitcher or similar large container, combine the still rosé, fruit and liqueur, if using. Give it a good stir and, if you have time, allow to macerate in the fridge for at least 1 hour (though overnight won’t hurt). Just before you serve, add the sparkling rosé, water and mint. Serve with fruit floating in the glass and a mint-sprig garnish.