Topo Chico RFP FAQ

Questions from agencies participating in the Topo Chico RFP will be posted here with answers.

Topo Chico Digital Strategy RFP Addendum

After having calls with a few of you and discussing the calls with David, we realize that the ask on the RFP, while it's fairly detailed, may not define what we are asking you all to specifically bid on in a clear enough manner. This makes it hard for each of you to propose a budget. Let's fix that. We have decided that it might be beneficial to put a couple of tangible tasks on the table that each agency can bid on.

We are looking for specific budgets for the two following items.

  1. A creative strategy and digital playbook for 2020. We are looking for a budget to have your agency ideate and strategize with us, develop a creative digital strategy for 2020, and surface that strategy into a document (digital playbook) that spells out the actions required to achieve Topo Chico's brand goals through organic digital marketing channels. These channels should be organic and drive brand discovery via a common campaign around our five previously defined passion pillars.

  2. Execution on the creative strategy and digital playbook you have built as an initial 12 month engagement from January 2020 - December 2020.

So from a budget/line item standpoint, we are looking for a proposed budget for each item. Outside of this definition you are free to decide how each budget is presented. Some have mentioned blended hourly rates, others have referred to retainers. Additionally there has been discussion about agencies presenting a single budget for each item or a series of budgets for different sized engagements. We'll leave those decisions up to each agency.

I hope this paints a clearer target for each of you to shoot for and helps you out when your are building your proposals.

Please reach out to me if you have any additional questions or need more clarification.